Why wordpress?

So what will be the next step once you are out of this institute?
this question did not make a lot of sense then how much it does right now, graduation in management studies and then masters in commercial photography. learning wont ever end but institutional education seems to have come to an end as of now.
And now i have to work out on  a career for myself in this field of photography and commerce.
I have also been to other blogging sites and social media options to showcase my work ,both commercial and personal but it had become to complicated and random.
So i then came across wordpress and it looks smooth and easy to operate.
The major purpose of this is to publish work and add a little bit of summary about what and why was that shot made 😀

I am also interested in teaching , few tutorials of how things work would also be included in the upcoming blogs 🙂
i Hope to keep it interesting for you to read 🙂



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