One of my very major reasons to get into Photography was the way a camera would see so much more than what we saw , record it and give us almost the same visual back!
Thats fascinating to me , every single aspect of a simple scene while just walking towards a mountain or crossing over some architecture phenomenon!

There are these vibes that make that place more then interesting alongside the Atmosphere.

All the pictures are shot with the 5D mark 3 with 24-105 f4L , Tokina 11-16 f2.8 And a intervalometer for manual control over exposure for star trails.
The Files are processed in Lightroom and Photoshop.
Chorwad StarTrail Star Trail At himalaya kias , Kulu. Sunset At Chorwad

Stitched Panorama
Stitched Panorama

salong valley 1 Salong Valley 2 Manali speculating Fineart _SP_1596-Edit _SP_1479-Edit _SP_1470-Edit





To begin with , this post is going to be more of an introduction to how important is post processing , the idea of creating a visual which was there before you shot the picture!
it can be any genre , from fashion/beauty picture to a massive pano landscape!
” Do not depend on post processing , get it right in the camera”
Absolutely true , the most important thing to do when you shoot is to get the best possible result from your camera and check all the details then and there via Histogram!
what happens later  , which is called processing is making the file better in terms of quality as well as appearances.
This is the step where you re-invent your picture by guiding the right direction to the image in terms of cropping , till the last step of sharpening the image! before we begin working on any  files , we make sure we shoot only Raw and retouch Raw images with more control.
I’ve got a simple way to retouch all my images i.e going in a particular order :-

  1. crop
    Cropping is not just cutting of edges , this is where you get another chance to recompose your image , the part where you can actually zoom and see your area of focus , subject and the surroundings.2. Cleaning
    Let your viewer see what you want them to see instead of clutter, From a small dust spot to the unwanted man behind your subjects back , get rid of it !3. Creating the area of interest.
    Once you get over with cleaning , you can see the image at wider scope with only your subject and composition!
    This is where you use ur creative ways to create interesting compositions! By making changes in the appearance of the complete picture. You can do this by following ways
    – Color tonality
    -Plug-in Special effects
    – HDR’s
    -Split toning(color variants)
    – color balancing

    5. Sharpening
    This is very important , if you dont shoot Raw , this is where it would start hurting you , A raw file would have more mid tonal detail then the jpeg , the Raw file will allow you to take control of your images more.
    When you sharpen with even a simple sharpening tool , make sure you check it at a 100% viewpoint  , so that you can correct over sharpening or under sharpening if any.

    6.  Saving Files/Backup.
    It is advisable to keep your file safe and protected in a way that you can reprocess it the way u want it some other day too ! take multiple backup’s in ur hard disk , make sure you have a TIFF file with all the layers saved.

    Every website works in a different way as per the capacity of their color holding capacity , professional photography websites like and 500px would take larger files and hold more details.
    but Websites like facebook would take lighter files and compromise on the data in a particular picture!

    There are ways in which you can upload your files on facebook with the same details and sharpening in your image by following these steps
    open photoshop > file > automate > set image ? 2048 x 2048 pixels.
    This will reduce ur file size by keeping ur details much intact.
      This post is just an introduction to Begin with , a lot more detailed version would come up soon!
    cheers , Keep shooting!!