There are so many definition that leads to the word fine art on the internet, but somehow none of them make sense to me because Fine-art is subjective.
The one way to look at fine art according to me is the particular language of art form spoken by an individual with his/her forte.

It can be anything, painting , dancing , sculpturing or photography.
The medium to showcase something in particular that never leaves your conscious mind.

Photography for me was never taking pictures of some flowers or going out and shooting people while they smile, it was much more to it!
Imaginative Pictures turned me on, Things flying, Drama in color tonality!
Everything that cannot be done just through the camera, the human element that would push it further more.
Thats what inspired me to get into Photography5 4 2 1


Couple Portraits

Couple Portraits

Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.

Loretta Young

Sachin & Tanvee

Sachin & Tanvee
When a Chartered Accountant meets the most beautiful looking doctor of his life.

Complete Album (Sachin & Tanvee)

Vishal & Shweta
Not every financial report ends with accounts ending on the same page. sometimes , people do.
Sujay & Vikti
you know you’ve got a companion for life when she comes to cheer you while you bat.

Siddharth & Rachyeta
Siddharth & Rhychetta Siddharth & Rhychetta Siddharth & Rhychetta


Jash & Amee

2 _SP_3301

Jash & Amee(Complete Album)

Vishal & Shweta
Vishal & Shweta

Complete Album

Vishal & ShwetaSujay & Vikti
Sujay & Vikti Sujay & viktiVishambhar & Kirti
Vishambhar & Kiran Vishanbhar & kiran Vishanbhar & Kiran

Arpit & Akshaya




  There is no sincerer love than the love of food.

While understanding Photography , food has always been one of my major interests.

The art of getting the colour, texture and light on food is a challenge.
apart from photography, the art of plating is one of the essential subject which needs to be understood.

It is the styling of a particular plate, content and the actual subject that creates the whole picture.
Following is some of my work done for clients like cheeseSpread, Tinge and FoodBerry.
I have also won a couple of awards in this genre at Luxoculous Photography exhibition 2015.