World Beneath

World Beneath

If you want to know how many colors a setting sun can produce, you’ve got to observe before it starts to set.

This is what we were told while we were learning on how to create art with mundane or almost a subject that looks beautiful once in a while.
One of my major learnings in Photography has been about the observations i did while i was travelling, how ” what you wear ” would look good in context to where you go.
you can possibly wear sport shoes if you are going to play and not when you attend a wedding.

With minor and lame observations in the start , i noticed all this at a “ground” Level that what we see at the bottom is also something that needs attention.

I started with a simple picture of stepping over a patch of cigarette leftovers with sneakers.

I came back and i gave it ” From where i stand ” title and somehow it started making sense to me.
This is how it started.
From then i saw some random colors,water reflections,shores with and without water, beautifully placed tiles and Floors.
i never observed how much art it takes or how much planning it takes for the flooring to look good.
what we see in front has more then 30% of bottom.Thats a very important number if you want to make anything look good.

This is what the result looks like after one and a half year of recordings.

Shot and edited on the Iphone.
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From all the genres I have been working over, Architecture and Interiors has to be one of my favourites. The sheer beauty about a simple man made construction hit by the light letting us with visuals containing color gradients, Light leaks and a wide space to travel in with our eyes.

The spectrum of Architecture varies from a small space i.e Interiors of a room  till the very end like the Skeikh Zayed  Grand Mosque!

I have attempted for Commercial Architecture, Interiors as well as outdoor.

“The more one looks, the more one sees.And the more one sees, the better one knows where to look” -Teilhard de Chardin




Its Possible.

Its Possible.

with once having a dream to make a career in Photography, to working for people , with people and shooting their beloved products.
It all came to life slowly and gradually with time.The intent was/is to make good pictures worth looking at.
A visual identification to things/people or even a couple before they get married.

That is what came to me at the end of 2015!
“To make Images worth a visual”

2015 came in with lots of amazing client work as well as personal work!

  • Best Still-life photography and Judges Award at Luxoculous 2015
  • Winner of mumbai metro photography Competition.
  • Landscapes from manali,Shimla and Kulu !
  • Working with 6+ Couples for their pre-wedding sessions.
  • covered 5 Weddings.
  • Shooting interiors for Nikesh Patani, Luxury houses.
  • My 2nd fashion work for Shweta,
  • jewellery shoot and catalogue for Utkarsh Jewellers.
  • my very 1st international trip to Dubai, Pictures of which got shared and reposted by 9+ Instagram handles for luxury hotels, official Abu Dhabi and Instagram Dubai.

I never planned anything of this except for travel tickets of the trips i did.
it all came on my way of just one wish to come back home with pictures to work with and get work related to.
The only motive i wish to share here is ,  no one from my family belongs to this field as far as contacts for work is concerned, i had to explore all of this on my own.
The only thing that comes in and plays a very important is the positive vibe from people you love. People who want to see you succeed!
I would encourage you to develop a habit of noticing such people and make sure you have their back.

“We do what we do best, we improvise” – Paul walker in F&F7 after seeing an unexpected tank on their way.

Do what you love and what you want is on your way.
Its Possible.