with once having a dream to make a career in Photography, to working for people , with people and shooting their beloved products.
It all came to life slowly and gradually with time.The intent was/is to make good pictures worth looking at.
A visual identification to things/people or even a couple before they get married.

That is what came to me at the end of 2015!
“To make Images worth a visual”

2015 came in with lots of amazing client work as well as personal work!

  • Best Still-life photography and Judges Award at Luxoculous 2015
  • Winner of mumbai metro photography Competition.
  • Landscapes from manali,Shimla and Kulu !
  • Working with 6+ Couples for their pre-wedding sessions.
  • covered 5 Weddings.
  • Shooting interiors for Nikesh Patani, Luxury houses.
  • My 2nd fashion work for Shweta, Whysobluelove.com
  • jewellery shoot and catalogue for Utkarsh Jewellers.
  • my very 1st international trip to Dubai, Pictures of which got shared and reposted by 9+ Instagram handles for luxury hotels, official Abu Dhabi and Instagram Dubai.

I never planned anything of this except for travel tickets of the trips i did.
it all came on my way of just one wish to come back home with pictures to work with and get work related to.
The only motive i wish to share here is ,  no one from my family belongs to this field as far as contacts for work is concerned, i had to explore all of this on my own.
The only thing that comes in and plays a very important is the positive vibe from people you love. People who want to see you succeed!
I would encourage you to develop a habit of noticing such people and make sure you have their back.

“We do what we do best, we improvise” – Paul walker in F&F7 after seeing an unexpected tank on their way.

Do what you love and what you want is on your way.
Its Possible.



4 thoughts on “Its Possible.

  1. Very well put! Love for what you like to do always attracts the best things towards you! Watching your pictures has been a visual treat and an inspiration to create art in mine! All the best!! 🙂


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