Art of Seeing #2

Art of Seeing #2

Now when you’ve already observed how light works, let us get into a little bit more!
Light has its own characteristics and is one of the very important aspects of Physics.

How important is Light in Photography?  A lot of people would push on to this and say “Light is the most important part of photography” i would respect that thought for sure but disagree to the fact of it being most important.

Let us say Light is that white background that every painter uses to paint on.
He may make a sunset out of it or a sunrise, a simple still life painting too!

The one thing that light does in every painting or picture is that it decides the mood of that visual!
A black and white has its own way of showing Drama, color has its own way of showcasing happiness!
Lets get a little technical here and talk about how mood and color work.
As we all know since school, we have Primary colors, secondary colors and so on and so forth till the end where we have complimentary and supplementary colors!

what is this color harmony and how does it affect us ?


There are 2 pictures here, one is a late evening picture of clouds moving from a snow capped mountain and the other is a early morning breakfast picture!

As you could see the color wheel showcasing warm and cool colors, observe how the color harmony is used to generate mood in an image!
cooler picture is a landscape and warmer picture is of food.
This is just an introduction to how colors work, we can get very complex with this and generate some extra-ordinary visuals.
Try and understand such color schemes in photographs you like, you will then be able to get a deeper understanding on what sort of images you want to create.


Art Of seeing #1

Art Of seeing #1

Photography has never been about gear, it has always and always been about how sharp is your capability to capture something in time that will last as an impact for either yourself or anyone else.
without getting into the Philosophical part of it, i would like to start of  as what to see rather than how to capture.
like other art fields one of the major aspects of photography is to respect other people’s perspective ! Everyone has a their own way of looking at things.

So the most important part about photography is the light! Light is the single most important factor that says most of what the photographer wants to say through the picture. For e.g Imagine a sunrise picture in your head, with birds flying and greens all around are just getting that little light!  even thinking of an image like this can make u feel fresh and stress-free! The same way imagine a dark night picture with a girl in white gown running towards the street with only light hitting her face! this would emote an expression of drama into our visual imagination of the narrative.

This to me is a photograph, that moment which has everything enough in proportion for generating a certain “Feel” to the viewer.

Tip for today : Start observing light, the light that generates feel and makes you think of something less ordinary.