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World Beneath

World Beneath

If you want to know how many colors a setting sun can produce, you’ve got to observe before it starts to set.

This is what we were told while we were learning on how to create art with mundane or almost a subject that looks beautiful once in a while.
One of my major learnings in Photography has been about the observations i did while i was travelling, how ” what you wear ” would look good in context to where you go.
you can possibly wear sport shoes if you are going to play and not when you attend a wedding.

With minor and lame observations in the start , i noticed all this at a “ground” Level that what we see at the bottom is also something that needs attention.

I started with a simple picture of stepping over a patch of cigarette leftovers with sneakers.

I came back and i gave it ” From where i stand ” title and somehow it started making sense to me.
This is how it started.
From then i saw some random colors,water reflections,shores with and without water, beautifully placed tiles and Floors.
i never observed how much art it takes or how much planning it takes for the flooring to look good.
what we see in front has more then 30% of bottom.Thats a very important number if you want to make anything look good.

This is what the result looks like after one and a half year of recordings.

Shot and edited on the Iphone.
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From all the genres I have been working over, Architecture and Interiors has to be one of my favourites. The sheer beauty about a simple man made construction hit by the light letting us with visuals containing color gradients, Light leaks and a wide space to travel in with our eyes.

The spectrum of Architecture varies from a small space i.e Interiors of a room  till the very end like the Skeikh Zayed  Grand Mosque!

I have attempted for Commercial Architecture, Interiors as well as outdoor.

“The more one looks, the more one sees.And the more one sees, the better one knows where to look” -Teilhard de Chardin






There are so many definition that leads to the word fine art on the internet, but somehow none of them make sense to me because Fine-art is subjective.
The one way to look at fine art according to me is the particular language of art form spoken by an individual with his/her forte.

It can be anything, painting , dancing , sculpturing or photography.
The medium to showcase something in particular that never leaves your conscious mind.

Photography for me was never taking pictures of some flowers or going out and shooting people while they smile, it was much more to it!
Imaginative Pictures turned me on, Things flying, Drama in color tonality!
Everything that cannot be done just through the camera, the human element that would push it further more.
Thats what inspired me to get into Photography5 4 2 1

Couple Portraits

Couple Portraits

Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.

Loretta Young

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